Monday, April 27, 2009

They grow so fast!

I hear a lot of people when they have children say "I can't wait till they do this" or "I can't wait till they do that". I made that mistake once when Ty was a baby about him rolling over. Then when he did it I realized that time flies by way to fast as it is, so I really try to appreciate every small moment that we have with them being little.

Well, today Ty moved up to a bigger class at his school because he is now officially 4 years old. He was so excited to be in the "Big Boy Room"(his words exactly). Today when I picked him up he wanted to show me something and said "Look at this MOM, this is where I sit." My heart sunk. From the time he could say words, my name to him has always been MOMMY. I love the way it sounds. Mommy...It's so innocent coming out of a child's mouth...when used in the right tone of course. The whole way home it was mom this and mom that. So finally I asked him why today he was calling me mom instead of mommy. His response absolutely broke my heart. "Because I am a big boy now." he said. I love my boys so much and want them to be independent and successful. But today I must confess, I am not ready for them to be BIG BOYS!

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  1. ok- I teared up when I read that post! I couldn't agree with you more! It is so sad:(