Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blog Swap

I recently participated in Kate's blog swap. It was so much fun....and I got paired up with an awesome partner Jordan @ Two dogs, a Girl and a Husband's Grace. Let's just say she found everything possible to make me a happy girl! First and foremost here is the cute gift bag everything was in. The boys and I were so excited to tear into everything!
This is what we saw once we opened the box inside the exciting does that look? Ty and Cole were grinning from ear to ear!

Look at all the gifts in there!!! She went way out of her way on this one!!!

She got both of my boys books.....they LOVE reading books. I tried to get a picture of Cole with his book but he was running away from the camera saying NO and swating me away. So I will try to get one on his terms ASAP! This is Ty really excited about his Cowboy book. You know, he is a real cowboy now that he is a mutton buster!

Blake and I were super excited about this little jewel! This is a 1 YEAR subscription to Texas Monthly magazine....YAY!

And I also got some yummy treats to share with my kiddos!

Somehow Jordan must have known that my toenails were in major need of some new polish because she set me up with an awesome stash of polishes!And look how cute this fingernail file and cute Vera Bradley cover is. Now I won't think twice about pulling this baby out in public!!!!

And boy did she know how to get to my heart with this one. Anyone who knows me knows I can't live with out my daily Sonic drink....or two ;0)

I thought this notepad was WAY TOO CUTE! The saying on it is Because I'm the Mother....That's why!!!!! Love it!

Also she included this cute magnet.

And last but not least!! This was the icing on the cake!!

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this! It is the cutest heart charm!

Thank you so much for everything Jordan! I hope you enjoyed all your gifts as much as I enjoyed mine!

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