Wednesday, April 15, 2009


O.K., so I love getting my eyebrows waxed!!! It is really one of my favorite things to do , other than getting my hair done by my wonderful sister-in-law. But I think that the lovely ladies at the place I get my eyebrows done are conspiring to get me to either spend more money, or maybe they are actually trying to give me a subtle hint. You will have to follow me on this one.

Well, I have always noticed that when you go to a nail place, where ever it is, they are always trying to sell more of their services. Like if you go in to get your nails done, the nail technician will look down and say "You no want pedicure?" and have a very puzzled look on her face as she glances down at your feet.

Well today I went in for an eyebrow wax because we have my brother-in-laws wedding this weekend in Houston. As soon as I walked through the door this afternoon I immediately get prompted on what services the will be performing on me today. I simply just say an eyebrow wax. So as we are walking back one of the nail ladies says something in a different language to the girl preparing to wax me. I laid down on the wax table and she touches my face and yells something back in response to what her co-worker said. As I laid there on that table I was getting very excited to see how good of a job she did on them once she was finished. I could tell that she was on her last touch ups and I was about to be up and out of there. All of a sudden I feel a hot thick layer on my upper lip followed by "oh you no want lip wax, oh well too late" followed by a big pull of the waxing fabric. OUCH!!! When I got up, my lip felt like it was on fire and she kep assuring me that there was gonna be no charge for the lip wax today.

After I left I started to think.....Maybe that was a ploy to get me started on waxing my lip, or maybe she looked down and thought "oh my goodness this girl has a handlebar mustache" and decided she needed to take care of it. Either way, my lip is extremely red and I am sitting her left, puzzled. Was it an honest mistake, a conspiracy to get me to spend more on a latter date, or one girl really looking out for her customer. That I will never know! All I can rely on is my good friend Kate's reassurance that I did not have lip hair, that she knew of ha ha, and that it was probably and honest mistake! Thanks Kate, you know I would have worried about this one for weeks!

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  1. Yep...definately a ploy for more business. You'll have a full blown stache by the time you get back from the wedding. And guess what...that means you'll have to go in for ANOTHER wax....see how that works!! It's ok...I'll go with you..Chase said it wouldn't hurt if I got my upper lip done...I guess I'm growing a stache too!