Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary Lady

Ty has officially been the owner of "His Lady" for one year now. Ty told us last year that he wanted a puppy for his birthday. He is a huge animal lover and at the time his favorite movie was Lady and the Tramp. First we went to an animal shelter in Houston to rescue a dog. We had such a tear jerking experience there. We walked the halls of that big shelter hand in hand with Ty. His Grammy and Poppy came along too so that they could help pick out Ty's puppy. Of course we wanted to bring every dog home with us because they were all so sweet, but Ty finally picked THE ONE. She was a brown chocolate lab mix. He was so excited!!! We then had to take the little puppy outside to see her play. She was so full of life and Ty was beaming with pure happiness. The last step was the interview and vet check up. Well the interview went well but after the vet check up they told us, in front of Ty, that we would not be taking that puppy home because she was very sick and would have to be put down. Try telling a 3 year old that we could not bring home the puppy he picked out . Trust me, that 30 min drive back to our house was filled with so many tears and a broken heart that not even a happy meal with a boys toy could heal.

So Blake, being the wonderful dad he is, was on an immediate search for another puppy for his heartbroken boy. Two days later he found a family that had chocolate lab puppies for sale. We drove Ty to their house without him knowing where we were going. When we arrived at the house all the puppies started running towards us and Ty choose his puppy. On the way home he informed us that her name would be "Lady, my Lady" (in his own words). It was so fitting because the shirt he was wearing actually had the saying Ladies Man that day!

I would like to wish lady a Happy 1 Year Anniversary at being Ty's Lady! We love her so much, even though at times she can be the biggest stinker!

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