Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ok So I am gonna try this out for Kate!

OK, so I am finally breaking down and committing to something I have been promising my best gal Kate that I would follow through with....starting a BLOG!!! Now, this does not mean that I will remember to post things daily, or keep you entertained, but I am finally following through!! This is for you Kate!
A few things you should know about my best friend Kate
1) She is one of the most kind hearted people I know!

2) If I ever need to get a hold of her, I know that her phone will go to her voicemail if I try to call but if I text her she will text me back immediately! :0)

3) She looks like a million bucks at all times...she can pull any outfit off!

4) She will drive to another state, deathly ill, if there is a doctor there that swears he will not draw blood or give her a shot.
5) I can still remember that in 2002 her ring tone was "Air Force Ones"....I think of her every time I hear the song to this day.

6) She can recite almost every line of Lonesome Dove.

7) She is a wonderful hostess....her game room consists of every snack and candy known to man, not to mention, she has a stocked fridge of any beverage you could possibly dream of.

8) She can do pretty good during a "dance fight" but could never pull off the old wheelbarrow.

9) In the past five years she has owned and renovated at least four houses.


10) She makes the best brownies of all time!

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  1. awww thanks! hey those were fat free brownies too! I did a tribute to you too!