Friday, April 10, 2009

Just Like Poppy

There are so many everyday things that people do that "run in the family". Here are a few examples of Blake and his dad. They both do the same head shake accompanied by tight lips when they are angry or disappointed. They seem to like most of the same kinds of foods. When Blake use to keep his hair really short, it was almost impossible to tell them apart from behind. I have even noticed that their feet are exactly the same. I am starting to wonder if everything that Robby does rubs off on all my boys.

For instance, the other day i caught Ty pushing his John Deer lawn mower around and I noticed he started pulling his shirt off as fast as he could. When I asked him why he was doing that he said "when you mow yards you are suppose to take your shirt off, Poppy does."

Also, both my boys hold a chip bag clip up to their ear if they find one, because they see their Poppy clamp his there when he takes it off the bag of chips he decides to snack on, just to make them laugh.

Finally, today when I picked up Cole from school his teacher told me that everyday when he eats they laugh at him constantly. When I asked why, she explained that from his first bite of food until he is finished he hums the whole time he eats. This is something that his Poppy always gets a hard time for all the time. I guess if there is one motto that explains my boys to a T it would be "monkey see monkey do!!"


  1. hahah! that's sooo true!!! I hope Ty doesn't monkey do what he saw me do wednesday night!

  2. HAHA very true!! But he want's too remember.