Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have not posted in a while, but will fill you guys in on a little bit of whats been going on! Last friday my sister-in-law became a homeowner!!! YEA Kylie. I cannot believe that the little girl I once brought lunch to at her elementary school is now big enough to own a house!!! Boy do I feel old. To make me feel even older, I also had a birthday last weekend!

All last weekend and throughout the week we have been helping her around the house. Laying tile, texturing walls, painting and so on. To say the least she has turned her new home into a little treasure almost overnight! I will post pictures when she gets is all decorated with her cute touches! I am so proud of her!

Tonight we took our boys over to the good old petting zoo, I mean the Richardson's backyard, to see a baby calf. Ty had fun feeding him a bottle and Cole walked around the yard pointing a saying moo. You think that they would be use to this sight, me being from Windthorst, but they were entertained by the baby calf for hours!

Tomorrow Ty has pre-k graduation. He is not graduating, but is in that class because he just turned four. He will participate as if he is graduating though. I can't wait to watch all the kids tomorrow...he gave me a little sample of songs they would sing on the way home from Kate and Chase's tonight. More on that tomorrow!

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