Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craw Fish Boil

Wow it's been forever since my last blog. I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks!!! Last Friday Blake picked up 30 lbs of craw fish for us to boil on Saturday. Of course our trusty sidekicks, The Richardson's, were here to help us game plan. We had to figure out how we would keep these little critters alive and well until it was time to send them plunging into that huge pot of boiling water and into our bellies. With all of our ideas we were sure we had this one under control!
Here are the little guys in action! Ty and Cole thought we bought them a million pets and were super excited!!!

As much as we plotted and planned to keep them all safe and little guy thought he outsmarted us. Some how, overnight, this craw fish found its way from our garage, which by the way is not attached to the house, to the pool in our yard. I am still pondering on how this happened!!!

Lady, our chocolate lab is actually the one who found him. She was going crazy sniffing all through our yard and made her way to the pool. She stood at the edge of the pool barking up a storm until we got him out. Thank you lady for saving me from an unexpected pool guest when I went for a swim later that day!

Here is the first batch of craw fish! They were DELICIOUS!!! It seemed like the craw fish were endless.....I cannot remember how many batches there were. But we kept boiling and eating for over eight hours. That is what I call heaven!!!

Justin and John

Cole had so much fun! This hat was a hit with him.

Kate and Christen

Aunt Kylie and Ty

Some of the crew

I figured that after 30 lbs my craw fish craving would subside......yeah right! After that whole Saturday of Cajun Madness I am left with my mouth watering craving MORE!!

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