Monday, May 4, 2009

Written Up!

My oldest Ty is very responsible and always says yes sir/ma'am. Now Cole, he is a complete different story!!! Cole was 10 months old on his first day of day care. I was new to the whole day care thing. Every since Ty was born I have stayed at home with him. One thing I have learned is that children get Write Ups in day care. The first time this happened Blake was the one picking the boys up. He called me on the way home and said "Your boy got in big trouble today. Apparently he solves problems with biting." My response, "Why in the world would Ty bite someone, he's never done that before?" To my surprise it was 10 month old Cole. Well, he has made this quite a pattern. He would do really good for a while and then have a relapse every so often. Blake and I finally realized that there was something that was also becoming a pattern. Every time Cole got written up he was wearing a t-shirt that says Don't Bug Me(It had little cute bugs and worms on it). So finally we have refused to put that shirt on him at all.

Today I walked in to Cole's room with a big grin on my face only to be told that I will have to sign another paper because he has been written up, AGAIN! So i sign the paper and as I look down I notice that today he is wearing a t-shirt with a shark on it that says Warning....I Bite!!! How fitting huh. So to say the least, another t-shirt BITES THE DUST!!!


  1. Kennedy got bit last week on her arm! It was so sad! Are you working now?

    It's amazing how different kids can be!

  2. Its not like he didn't warn anybody! Hey only the strong survive. THANKS for posting a funny story about your boys like I BEGGED you to!