Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 things about Cole

10) He is very independent and is always wanting to try everything on his own. I have to follow him around at a distance. If I get to close to him he will stop what he is doing and swat me away....in fear that I may HELP him.
9) Until we moved back to Wichita Falls he would not let me out of his sight. What am I talking about....he wouldn't let me put him down!!! When we lived in Houston he wasn't exposed to very many people with us hardly knowing anyone. What a big change moving back!!! He loves all of our time spent with family and friends!!
8) He loves to follow his big brother around. He is never interested in doing certain things until Ty is right in the middle of something....that's when he goes in for the kill!
7) He is extremely active! From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep he is on the move non-stop!
6) He loves to scare people. His favorite thing to say is BOO. The person he likes to catch off guard the most is his moms hot friend Kate. What can I say, boys learn to flirt at a young age. At leasthe has good taste :0)
5) He absolutely loves his "squeaky shoes" that his Godmother gave him! It is a daily wardrobe MUST!
4) He loves to chew gum!
3) His favorite thing to eat is a corn dog. If he even sees a picture of one he starts nodding his head yes very rapidly!
2) He loves to take pictures and says Cheese if he sees a camera in close range.
1) He loves his Daddy most of all! Every time we pull into the driveway he yells DADDYYYY and throws his hands in the air out of pure excitement.

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