Monday, June 29, 2009

Our trip to Sacramento

We recently went to Sacramento for our good friend B.J. Szymanski's wedding. I tried to capture as many pictures as possible until my camera broke the Friday evening before the wedding. This was such a fun time for Blake and I!! We played in the "Garmanski" golf scramble. We had a blast. After the scramble we all headed to Jessie's house, B.J.'s wife, for some good food and drinks. We met all of her family and hung out with their college friends. The next morning bright and early was our river rafting trip. This was so much fun!!! After four hours of floating the river and having a few drinks, we had BBQ waiting on us where we ended. After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. That night we all went out to a few local bars. It was neat getting to hang out with all the people we have heard so many stories about from B.J. Saturday was the day of the wedding, so we didn't really do much other than hang out by the pool before we got ready. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, as were the bride and groom. The site for the wedding and reception was The Old Sugar Mill. This place was really neat. It was an old sugar factory that is now vineyards and a winery. My camera was broken at this point, so I had to steal a few pictures of the ceremony/reception from Blake Szymanski's sweet girlfriend Laura. Enjoy!!

Blake and I on the airplane

Shane and Blake Eating breakfast

Lenny and I(she hosted us in her house for two days) We love you Lenny!!

Lenny's Street

Lenny's house

Donna and Steve(grooms parents)

Blake ready for a fun day of golf

Our chauffeur/groom B.J.

Out on the town with Jessie(bride) and her friend from Princeton Avery

Blake and I having fun

Blake, Greg and Clark

Blake and Greg...I guess they were so excited about the menu :0)

The ceremony

Saying their vows

The candy bar

Our beautiful table!!

Bride and Grooms table

Yummy cupcakes!

The cake

Happily ever after!!!

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  1. Hey that black,white,pink dress is really cute. I've never seen that one before. you hidin things over there?