Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here is our Mutton Buster in action

This is a day that The Richardson's and Morrison's have been waiting on. We sat around and planned Ty's first mutton bustin experience to a T at the Archer rodeo when Ty was four weeks old. We planned on training him on our horse of a dog, Tres. Kidding, kidding!! Somehow then it was easier for me to think about him doing then four years later when I am actually sitting in the stands of the rodeo grounds waiting on that sheep to leave the chute. I was one nervous mama to say the least. My little man was so brave and said he even wanted to do it again. When we told him there was a rodeo the following weekend he said "maybe next year." Way to go Ty!!! If you really didn't enjoy it, look at the bright side. You have one awesome DVD slide show to show off to everyone that makes you look like a ROCKSTAR!!! Thanks to Kate and her awesome camera!

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